Saturday, 12 May 2012

March / April 2012 Injury and a new bike!

March started with me going snowboarding to Chamonix where I managed to clock up just a touch under 40mph before a fall ended up with me being injured!  I was in severe pain breaking ribs!

The broken ribs were painful riding, but I still managed to keep up a reasonable amount of riding with over 250 miles recorded in March - my biggest month yet!

There were a couple of longer rides this month with a 33 mile and a 40 mile ride - my longest yet!  the end of the month saw my 10 mile best drop by a massive 3 minutes to 39 mins 33 secs - sub 40 minutes was quite an achievement on a mountain bike!

April saw more of the same, starting off with a 52 mile ride keeping up a 12 mph average! I was keeping up good mileage helped by the lighter evenings encouraging me out.  Towards the end of the month I was out riding and went up to the Witham Wheelers cycle route where I thought I would complete the 10 mile route just out of interest to see what time I would get......  with the 10 mile route being straight I managed to set another new best 10 mile time!  Now down to 35 mins 59 secs!   When i compared my times against the following weeks Time trial riders ( on road bikes) amazingly I wouldn't have been last!

This little taste of time trial type riding sparked an interest in a road bike and a few days later there I was in Pedal Pushers cycle shop...... and coming out a few hundred pounds lighter with a Felt Road bike!

The new Road Bike

Riding the road bike was totally different to the mountain bike!  Not having ever ridden one before they are very light and very twitchy in the handling! 

I ended April with a few miles on the road bike, bringing the months total to 235 recorded miles!

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